To Teach or Not to Teach Cursive Handwriting

George Couros thinks that educators need to focus on video and computer skills rather than teaching cursive handwriting.  He is the principal of innovative teaching for Parkland School Division in Edmonton, Canada and says communication is evolving.

Jim Brand, another Canadian educator, says cursive should still be taught because it helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and even creativity.  He has gone so far as to say the quality of work on paper seems better than typed work because of the creativity that is sparked when people hand write their work.

Vimala Rodgers, an educator, handwriting expert, and Master Alphabetician, and author of the bestseller, Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, says you are making a personal statement about the attitudes that run your life.  She says it is the subconscious mind that moves the pen, not the hand; and through writing one can reprogram the subconscious, break the bonds of outdated thinking habits, and awaken sleeping talents, abilities and dreams.  (Now that is a tall order!)

As a second grade teacher, I can tell you that students ask to learn cursive.  One student last year had completely taught himself (with some help from his parents maybe?) and preferred to do his writing assignments in cursive.  Other students were attempting to imitate him and teach themselves.

This year it will be part of the curriculum and is built into the Pearson reading program we are using.  I think it can be a creative, fun activity and plan to enjoy teaching it this year.


3 thoughts on “To Teach or Not to Teach Cursive Handwriting

  1. Leah, I had not read this article, but was glad you shared it. I think at some point in primary we teachers do need to teach our students cursive handwriting. It can be a form of art when one takes it seriously and is proud of their skill. I too have had kinders and first graders who show me they know how to write in cursive. Of course, I don’t have the time to teach them the right way. They usually dabble in it and forget about it. Thank you for taking the time next year to teach your second graders cursive handwriting.
    Judy Gilliam

  2. Huzzah! I’d be sad if I were never taught cursive. It makes me feel like a grown up. Anyhow, how else would I sign all these checks? You know, grown up stuff. (haha, that is totally what I thought adult hood was when I was a kid; writing in cursive, on checks.)

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