Escaping the Education Matrix: Steve Hargadon

Steve Hargadon is very interested in the future of education and writes/speaks about how to promote change. He asks big questions like, “What are most kids getting out of 12 years of school?” The article says the fundamental design of education is that the smartest students rise to the top and that sends a message to the majority of students that they are losers. He goes on to say that doesn’t square with the belief in the inherent value and capacity of every child that teachers profess.

I agree with his statement, “the process of becoming a self-directed, independent learner is a very human process.” He values recognizing the different needs of every student, and helping each one become personally competent as a learner; he says that won’t happen online.

One of my hobbies is reading about change in education. Learning is the very thing we do in life from the moment we are born. My goal this year is to motivate students to be independent, competent learners alongside recognizing the strengths and differences in each child.


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