Technology Class Week 1- Reflection

i had the opportunity to take a one-day technology course last summer with Todd and was also introduced to Thatcher. I continually say wow! to all that is possible. I’ve never considered myself very computer savvy, but I think I will increase my use of technology in my classroom after taking this class.  I like that there are 7 weeks to explore and figure out what really might be my next steps in the classroom.

At this time in my second grade classroom I use a doc cam on a daily basis.  I also use digital websites several days a week from our reading program (Reading Street).  It has concept videos, vocabulary songs, phonics and grammar components to go with each week.

Brain pop Jr. Is widely used by me for social studies and science.  I also use it for introducing math concepts.  We have iPods available for student use—a cart of 30 for 3 classrooms to share.  I don’t use them much.  There are 4 laptops in my room with the Read Naturally program for my non-fluent readers to practice fluency for 15 minutes a day.

My hope is to greatly expand my use of technology—to do creative projects, blog and send pictures to the parents of my students, possibly have my students blog, maybe collaborate with another classroom?

i greatly enjoy all the educational readings, the TED talks and other you tube videos that I have been led to through the first week of this class.  Thank you, Todd and Thatcher!


2 thoughts on “Technology Class Week 1- Reflection

  1. iPads are not necessary but they can be fun. I wonder what you might do with those? I have an iPad version 1 that’s still kicking around somewhere, and I found the most fun thing was a thing called sound drop, a simple app that is creative and fun.

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