Reflection – Week 2

Wowza, yowza! My head is spinning! I got very sidetracked when I went to Dr. Karly’s website and took a trip to an ashram in India via a NYT article on the sidebar of her website. I find myself getting sidetracked a lot!

We use google docs weekly at our school to record students’ Daily Math Skills scores as they progress through the Probes. We also record the number of laps they run on Fridays in the Ocelot Trot to eventually earn a marathon T-shirt. However, this week was the first time I interacted with a google doc by commenting right on it.

In the past I tried to sign up for a SKYPE account, thinking I could use it to talk to my sister in Brazil. Somehow I did not have luck. I’m hoping I will be able to use my new ipad air to Skype. I am requesting an in person meeting with my ipad to get help using it for google hangouts and skyping.

Taking this class is making me feel a bit more “in the know” of topics like openness, as well as other things that are currently being discussed in the field of education.
“Learning happens when we face challenges and step out and take on something we don’t know how to do.” I was just talking to my second graders about that this week–if they never make any mistakes, they aren’t really learning something new. This class is really taking me out of my comfort zone (lots of self-doubt and worry!).

I’m going to add to my sidebar on this website. I’ll take some new risks next week and add an article that was written about my classroom in the Prescott Parent magazine about parents as volunteers in the classroom.

My biggest hurdle is the fear about doing anything which I think is all about me being such a newbie to it all! So any tips on overcoming that fear would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it’s just like anything else–just jump in and start somewhere and learn as you go. Mostly, I would say I’m the “silently lurking” type–just gathering information, looking for the next idea to continually improve my teaching or make me reflect on the whole business of education. I think Twitter will help greatly with that.

The second hurdle is how to organize my limited amount of time (Teaching 2nd grade keeps me busy from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. or later on most weekdays.) so I can mazimize my learning from the use of technology. I’m interested in how others manage their time with/on the internet.

The “A Day Made of Glass” video was absolutely mind blowing!

One last thought . . . for now, I also feel I have NO excuses now to get with it with technology. With instructors like Todd and Thatcher and all their support, I have no excuse. Yikes!


9 thoughts on “Reflection – Week 2

  1. I understand the struggle with the limited amount of time and the “silently lurking” I am glad to see it’s not just me. When you post the article on the Daily good please post a link in your blog I would love to read it!

  2. I think we are all facing one fear or another in this class, something not in our comfort zone. Which, as you stated means we are learning and growing. I know I am! I understand about the time issue, too. I don’t really have time until Friday to work on this a lot. I did start earlier this week, but also found myself sidetracked. I think that is an important issue I haven’t thought enough about as far as communication and how that could be a time drain and affect communication negatively.

  3. I can’t wait to read the article, it sounds like congratulations are in order 🙂
    Skype is amazing, not the least for being FREE. How much would my Korean phone call be I wonder?
    Managing time online? Because I’m online all day at work I have a special dispensation, but just managing time in general is the real issue, and if anyone figures out a great answer to that let me know. I make quite a few lists….
    I will say that the issue of distraction is something I am working on, so I make rules for myself, (broken daily, but it’s a practice) such as “don’t tweet/link anything I haven’t already looked at myself or read completely”, which is designed so I engage fully with reading or whatever content “it” is. Try to do one thing at a time, do less, other ‘Zen-like’ practices, because being less distracted is vitally important. Shattering our attention is one of the true dangers that the internet and digital life presents to us.
    As far as being a newbie goes, you know, it’s just the fear of looking not smart, and I know that one very well. It’s been said before: there are no stupid questions. It’s true of tech: it’s so complex even the ‘experts’ are newbies at most of it.

    • Thanks, Thatcher, for your feedback. I appreciate the “rules for yourself,” and both you and Todd never make me feel dumb about what I don’t know. I think some kind of organization and discipline is definitely called for when dealing with the internet. I also think real clear “cheat sheets” for everything one does would be very helpful. I’ll say more about that in my week’s reflection.

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