Week 3 Reflection

I just wrote my Week 3 Reflection on my ipad air and went to publish it, but it didn’t go through.  Apparently, I forgot to save it.  So now I shall begin again.  Am having difficulty with several things right now.  Under the supposedly dailygood.org RSS feed in my blog are articles  from Word Press.  I need to make sure I have the correct URL for that. . . Just stopped to fix that, so now the Word Press articles are gone and the dailygood articles are there.  Yeah!

Let’s just start with my first video (a short intro to how this video process went). . . . Well it just said, “this file type is not allowed. Please try another.” So here’s what happened. I made a 10 minute video of my classroom last night. Then at home I tried to upload it to YouTube. I thought it was publishing to YouTube, and then at the end it said “can’t publish.”

So then this morning I tried to trim the video of my classroom literacy centers into several short videos. All those shorts got sent to the wrong address (the one without the hyphen in my last name; argh!). Back to the classroom I went to actually video each literacy center in my classroom separately.

Then at home I sent the first 4 videos to my email, I realized I should be sending them to YouTube to publish. So I sent the next three to YouTube.

Now I just tried to attach my intro from the download file on my computer and it said, “This file type not allowed.” So now I’ll try to send the other 3 from YouTube.

Oh my! I think I just had success with the 7th short video I made.

Am having trouble finding the Listening Center one. I’ll try again. Can’t find it. Now I remember the above video was accidentally sent to be viewed publicly.

Here’s one last thing for now. . . . Uh, Oh . . . no luck. I think I need some in person tutoring.

On another note, I haven’t tweeted yet, but I have immensely enjoyed reading tweets and going to articles referenced in them.  Particularly, the blog by Arne Duncan


Well, that’s all for now.


3 thoughts on “Week 3 Reflection

  1. Oh I am so with you on the “point A to point B” thing. That is where I spend hours trying different computers, different buttons, different anything to get it to go somewhere. I finally asked for help and got it in a few minutes.I also got past seeing myself on screen, I can see some great applications as far as giving directions to students for centers as well as showing parents what the students are doing.

  2. We had similar video problems! I think as you use it, it will become more familiar like anything and you won’t have to take as long! But you have to take the time to learn it at first and I know being a teacher extra time in the day doesn’t exist. But I hope you keep at it!!

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