Reflection – Week 6

Tapped into some great articles the other night.

In this article a 15-year veteran teacher becomes a student for 2 days. She shadowed a high school student. Her “key takeaways” were:

1) Students sit all day and sitting is exhausting.
2) Students sit passively and listen 90% of the time.
3) Students feel a little like nuisances.

The next day after reading this I was much more aware of how long my students sit. I normally walk around the room constantly, while they sit and work, either on the floor with a partner or at their desk. Now I’m giving a movement/exercise break of some sort after 15 or 20 minutes.

Kristen Swanson mentions that a Gallup poll of the State of America’s Schools surveyed 600,000 5th-12th grade students. Only 1 in 3 had high levels of hopefulness,school engagement, and well being. She asks what about the system isn’t meeting kids’ needs.

Many people are questioning the curriculum and its relevancy, as well as how school life relates to real life. (How many things do you remember from your K-12 education?)

She makes a great point about our assessment system–that it gives kids the ability to opt out when the assessment is over. “What if every score were replaced by GOT IT, and NOT YET?”

When I give my math assessments, I make it a practice to require students that missed more than a couple to take it again, after some reteaching.

She also mentioned David Perkins new book, Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Future World. Some of his chapter titles include: Learning What Matters in Learners’ Lives, Learning Beyond What’s Settled and Known, Making What’s Worth Learning Ready for Life, and so much more. (It is a MUST READ for me!)

To be continued later this week. . . Back again.  Shared my blog with my principal this weekend. As I was going through my reflections with her as well as the widgets I created on the side, I realized how much I have learned since the beginning of this course. I am grateful for that!

Enjoyed listening to some talks from the global end conference–a wealth of resources to check out.  Am anxious to check out the Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners. Also want to learn more about project based learning as that’s what we do in second grade after each science or social studies unit.  My students picked a person from history to research, tell about their life, tell what contributions they made, and then present it to the class. I was so impressed by the posters that came into my classroom as well as two power points.  My second graders said it was fun!


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